Action On Consumer Choice

Action on Consumer Choice is owned and managed by the smokers’ lobby group Forest which was founded in 1979 by Battle of Britain fighter pilot Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris, a lifelong pipesmoker.

Increasingly the freedom to smoke in public places has been eroded to the extent that public health campaigners are now calling for bans on smoking on beaches, in public parks and town squares. A once benign nanny state has become a bully state, coercing rather than educating adults to give up smoking.

Today the public health industry is targeting other products including alcohol, sugary drinks and convenience food. Even e-cigarettes, a potential harm reduction product, are threatened with excessive regulations including bans on vaping in public places and restrictions on sale and promotion.

For 36 years Forest has been the “voice and friend of the smoker”. In addition to tobacco, Action on Consumer Choice will embrace food, drink and smokeless tobacco products including e-cigarettes and other nicotine delivery products.

Consumers who want choice, are prepared to take personal responsibility for those choices and act with consideration for others now have another voice you can call your own.

Eat. Drink. Smoke. Vape. It’s YOUR choice.