What's wrong with cheap booze?

Children shouldn't be drinking - that's the law - but why should adults pay more than necessary for alcohol?
The Alcohol Health Alliance is in the news today, reporting on the fact that it is possible to buy alcohol very cheaply. For example, the AHA's latest report says: 'Both Asda and T…

Scottish government: know your limits

The authorities in Edinburgh can't persuade us to drink less, so they now plan to limit how much shops can sell.
The Scottish National Party (SNP) government has become the embodiment of all the worst aspects of the nanny state. If ever there is a hare-brained, illiberal scheme to clamp down…

Minimum pricing, maximum snobbery

The Scottish government wants to stop the 'wrong' kind of people drinking.
The Court of Session in Edinburgh will today hear a fresh round of legal arguments about the Scottish government's plan to introduce a minimum price for booze of 50 pence per unit …